Super Quick Intro to the Business
About Lesson

Before I get into breaking down the in’s and out’s of the YL business, let me share my ‘why’
with you.

Why I chose YL products and then in turn, why I decided to become a YL Brand Partner. When I first started exploring essential oils, it was because I was looking for natural and chemical-free ways to get Ava to sleep through the night. When I finally came across YL, I was immediately impressed with their ‘seed to seal’ promise, ensuring the quality of their therapeutic grade oils.

The beautiful thing about YL is that you can purchase products as a customer and unlock
wholesale prices without ever having to sell.

The opportunity is always available if you change your mind. What I will say is that it felt so amazing to get paid to share something that I love with others.

What is the business and how does it work? YL is a multi-level-marketing structure business. This simply means that as an organization, instead of hiring a marketing department—they hire us! YL pays their users a commission for organically sharing what they love about the products and helping others buy and do the same.

A unique and beautiful part about network marketing is that it connects people. Being a Brand Partner with YL automatically connects you with a team and a community of others with shared passions and goals.

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