Super Quick Intro to the Business
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⌓ Once you have started using oils and taken the first steps in becoming a Brand Partner, the next question most people have is

“ How do I sell?”

And this step is actually easier than you think! Be authentic and share about the products you love and how they have benefited you. Let others into your journey via social media. Whether you are already regularly posting on social media or can’t remember the last time you posted – this is where you want to start. Post a reel, a story, or a carousel post educating your audience about the products you use every day and how you benefit from them. If you are unsure about starting on social media, I have great resources to help you get started.

But these 3 things are key: be consistent, educate your audience, and invite others to join you in your journey.

When others show interest in the product all you have to do is share your referral link with them. Build a connection with your customers by providing guidance through the purchase process and helpful resources on how to use their oils. ⌓

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