Super Quick Intro to the Business
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⌓ As we get into the details of how the business works, let’s start by breaking down some of the basic terminology. Having clarity around the YL lingo will be the foundation for understanding how the business can work for you.

Basic Terminology :

  •  Your Support Team (Upline): Includes your
    • Enroller – the person that introduced you to Young Living 
    • Sponsor – your direct upline, and main support
  • Brand Partner: An individual who enrolls in the YL Brand Partner Program & who is eligible to earn a commission. This requires the one-time purchase of a Business Essentials Kit ($29.95) unless you have been grandfathered in.
  • Personal Value (PV): Each product is assigned a PV amount, and each month the sum of the PV amounts of all products purchased. This is what the commission calculations are based on.
  • Collective Value (CV): The collective PV of a Brand Partner’s first-level customers plus the brand partner’s own PV. (this applies to the first 4 rankings: Associate, Star, Senior Star, and Executive) *to qualify to earn commissions, a Brand Partner must have at least 100CV.
  • Levels: The position of a YL individual within the organization.

Note: A significant change that happened during the summer of 2021 is that YL created the
opportunity for customers to unlock wholesale prices without being a Brand Partner or
earning a commission. They also made available new ways to purchase YL products, lowering
the barrier for individuals interested in exploring oils but not wanting to start their oily journey with a starter kit. ⌓

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