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Pull Through Braid Tutorial

Nov 4, 2022Beauty, Motherhood0 comments

Hey Friend,

One of the best perks of being a girl mom is, hands down, the hair manipulation! I absolutely LOVE playing with their hair and creating all those sweet & whimsical hairstyles for my girls!

Although, they’re not always big fans of “monster mommy” and her brushing tactics, but I do what I gotta do to keep us from looking like raggamuffins everyday mmkay!

What I truly love about putting their hair up though, is that it’s out of the way. They can play, eat, craft, and go crazy without hair getting in their face plus when it’s been up most of the day, it’s so much easier to keep tamed && I no longer have to be that monster mommy because there are hardly any knots 🙌🏼🙌🏼


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This pull through braid is a perfect hairstyle for those who haven’t quite mastered the french braid just yet but still want a sweet and girly hairstyle. Honestly this is one of the easiest hairstyles yet so playful and unique, you are bound to receive compliments galore throughout your day.

Ok so keep reading to get your step by step on how to create this fun hairstyle for you & your little!


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Pull Through Braid Tutorial

What you’ll need:

clear hair elastics

How to:

  1. Start by making a center part down all the way to the neck (basically making even piggy tales).
  2. Section off the side you’re not using yet, by putting it in a scrunchie or clip to keep it tight and out of the way.
  3. **Secure a small section at the top part of the side you’re working on with an elastic and flop the hair forward (weird I know but you’ll see why in a sec!
  4. **Next secure another small section below the first pony & flop that hair forward as well.
  5. **Now gather hair for yet another pony below the second, however BEFORE securing it, take the first pony and divide it in half then bring each half down towards the unsecured hair and secure together.
  6. **Gently pull the divided hair from the first pony out a bit to give it more volume and oomph!
  7. Continue steps 3-6 until you’ve reached your desired length and repeat on the other side.
  8. I like to stop at the neck sometimes and combine the piggies into one braid for my girls, since their hair is a bit thinner and the elastics can be rough on hair.

bonus: decorate your braids with fun glitter spray, cute hair clips, or bows!

This hairstyle is great for long or short hair since you are able to start from the scalp. Ava has shorter hair and this style looks just as great on her as it does on my Luna who has a bit longer hair.

Willow on the other hand, recently cut her hair into a mullet literally the day after getting a hair cut sooooo miss Joanna Dirt has a while until I can do anything with her unfortunately.

I really hope this tutorial was easy to understand. If not, please let me know if you would like a video tutorial && maybe we can get a reel published so ya’ll can see how easy it truly is. && if you liked this tutorial, be sure to pin this post for future reference and to subscribe for more content like this! Also don’t forget to tag me over on instagram @crescentandsparrow so I can see how adorable your littles look in their new dos! Thank you so much for reading & hope you have an amazing day!

Want to know a little hack?

One of the best oily hacks I learned was to put a drop of lemon oil on your elastic rubber bands before you take them off…let them sit for a few seconds & they will snap right off, if they don’t snap off they will slide off really easily. I believe the lemon oil just eats through it allowing you to just pull it off without breaking any hair or creating tears from pain of pulling them out. ✨ mom win!

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