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Slow Motherhood June Bucket List

Slow Motherhood June Bucket List

Welcome back Friend, Grab yourself a tasty drink and let's chat - shall we?! Welcome June!! As we get closer to summer we start to notice our fruit trees are starting to yield their harvests, the weather is getting warmer (yet this year it doesn't seem to be getting...

Printable Slow Living Daily Checklist for Mamas (free download)

Printable Slow Living Daily Checklist for Mamas (free download)

Hey Friend, Grab yourself a tasty drink and lets chat - shall we?! As mamas we've come to realize that life has started accelerating at a faster pace as each year goes by. With four daughters and one more baby on the way, I have definitely fall victim to this many...

Summer Scavenger Hunt – free printable

Summer Scavenger Hunt – free printable

Hey Friend, Grab yourself a tasty drink and lets chat - shall we?! As the warm sun caresses our faces and the scent of blooming flowers fills the air, I can't help but revel in the joys of summertime. It's a magical season where children's laughter can be heard and...

hi, i’m Ashleigh

Three years ago, my husband & I moved our four daughters out of the city & onto two acres in a small town in Texas. Follow along as I share my journey through motherhood, our new homestead life, & other shenanigans.

You may often find me talking about a few of my passions such as; DIY crafts, home decor, natural living, slow fashion, astrology and any other magic you can think of – you may even see a few recipes && freedom rants thrown in every now & then.

My goal is to give my children a whimsical childhood and know that they are so very loved. My hopes in sharing this journey is to inspire you along the way and to know, that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone! Thank you so much for stopping by & I hope you enjoy your time here.

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I love being able to share with you items that I’ve purchased for my home, closet, or any other part of my life! I try to keep my amazon storefront and LTK posts up to date and will only share or link items that I have fallen in love with, so no worries on your end about recieving a dud! 

I also enjoy creating fun prints, that you can purchase through my Etsy shop! Click below to shop all my links!

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