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Mar 10, 2020Motherhood

Hey Friend,

I took a break from social media for a few weeks and let me tell you, that was exactly what my mind and soul needed.

I started following some other mamas on IG to get motivation on homeschooling and just parenting in general & some of their lives seemed SO perfect; their homes are always clean and so minimal, their clothing is freaking adorable, their homeschooling was so interactive and fun looking, and their kids who are always happy — and the imagery was always picture perfect *(pun intended) it almost made me feel as if I weren’t doing enough. #fail

I want to be perfect for you readers, I really do…but that’s not the case. I am just a mom, trying to find the best path for her daughters while trying as hard as I can to enjoy as many as those memories on the way.

Sometimes I feel like I get caught up in the pressures of needing to have the perfect life because that’s all we seem to see on instagram. But everytime I take these little breaks, I become so much more grateful for what I have and am even able to step back and evauluate how I am perceiving myself online. My voice on here becomes more authentic and dare I say, vulnerable at times.


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As a mother we all go to bed at night thinking of ways to be a better mother the next day…maybe we can paint a little longer, or play outside in the rain a bit more or bake a billion cookies just to pass the time…then eat those billion cookies and watch the smiles on their faces as we tell each other funny stories.

But let me tell you something mama, you are a great mama. Sure use those “perfect families” as inspiration but don’t you dare compare yourself to them. You are a genuine, loving, & kind mama… the fact that you compare yourself to others is sure sign that you are a great one, always aspiring to be the best you can be for the people you love.

When I ask my oldest daughter if she is happy at home instead of going to school, her response is always “of course I am, I have the best mommy in the world who teaches me cool stuff!” Seriously melts my heart every time I hear those words!

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


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