8 Roller Recipes from your Starter kit

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Hi friend,


Oh it’s a happy happy moment the day your premium starter kit comes in! You are starting your new path towards wellness and I am here to help you dive in and start utilizing these beautiful oils you just invested in. No matter what your reason was that you chose to start this journey, you will find that using your oils on a daily basis will help to improve many different parts of your life and hopefully make it a much more enjoyable ride here on our beautiful planet. 
So before we begin discussing recipes, lets talk about dilution! This is such an important topic when it comes to essential oils and children or those with sensitive skin. EOs are very potent and powerful, and it’s important that we treat them that way. Below is a common dilution ration for each age group. If you’re unsure always lean on the safe side and dilute a little more if that’s what makes you comfortable. 

Ages 0 – 1

1/8 EO to 7/8 Carrier oil


For every 1 drop of EO you want to have 7-8 drops of carrier oil

Ages 2 – 6

1/4 EO to 3/4 Carrier oil


For every 1 drop of EO you want to have 3-4 drops of carrier oil

Ages 7 – 11

1/2 EO to 1/2 Carrier oil


For every 1 drop of EO you want to have 1-2 drops of carrier oil

Ages 12+

Full label concentration


Dilute before applying if you have sensitive skin.

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Ok now that we have that said and done, lets get to the fun part! Choosing your roller bottles! If you signed up under me and my team, you should have recieved two empty roller bottles in your welcome package from me…if you signed up under someone else, no worries, there are plenty of places you can get your roller bottles from! A local health foods store is sure to have a few, and possibly even your local craft store…I’ve gotten quite a few from amazon; like this fun multicolored set, this amber colored set, and this clear roller set….ok I might have a slight obsession with rollers, but they always make for such great gifts and are great for on the go support when I need it! For me this is the easiest way to transport my oils allowing me to utilize them whenever and where ever!


  • valor
  • frankincense

happy tummy

  • digize
  • peppermint


  • stress away
  • lavender

immunity support

  • Thieves
  • lemon
  • frankincense

clear face

  • lemon
  • frankincense
  • lavender


  • lavender
  • frankincense


  • raven
  • lemon

muscle relief

  • panaway
  • pepperment

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