Why You Should Learn Your Child’s Natal Chart

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  Quick parenting tip ✨ learn your babies natal charts! This knowledge has helped me with being able to parent each child in the way that they need most. I am able to understand why my Scorpio (water sign) cries more when she’s upset while my little Sagittarius (fire sign) screams with rage. A child’s natal chart is much more than just their sun sign though. It’s basically a screenshot of the heavens the moment your child was born, how lovely is that?!? It can get really deep but for today let’s just focus on their sun and moon signs. – baby steps y’all!

What is the difference between my Sun and Moon sign?

Ok so your sun sign is what you think about when someone asks what your sign is, the sun is the planet of vitality and individuality. This is the self, our main concerns, and ego. The moon is the planet of emotions and instincts. Our inner self, thoughts, and habits. Children under the age of 8 usually relate more to their moon than their sun because they live more in their emotions at this time. They’re not quite use to social norms and how people perceive them…or even care.
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So I know that the sun and moon are not technically planets but within a natal chart they are considered as so….hey Pluto is on that list too 🙌🏼✨ We will get into the rest of the planets on a later post as we dive deeper into the world of astrology. If you want to know a certain person’s sun + moon – be sure to leave a date in the comments (day/month/year) and I’ll let you know!! Then be sure to do some quick (or extensive) research on them both so you can be better prepared at handling your sweet little child’s personality! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I hope that this information was useful and gets you excited.

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