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You are the gatekeeper, mama

Apr 2, 2021Motherhood, Wellness0 comments

Hello Friend,


Have you seen the film STINK? I watched it about a year ago and let me tell you, it only strengthened my reason for living a non-toxic lifestyle!! Everyday products are filled with nasty chemicals including endocrine distributors, which have SUCH A MAJOR effect on our bodies!! Weight gain, infertility, headaches, acne, back-ne, hair loss, mood swings, depression, cancer…. We need to wake up and realize we have normalized many of these symptoms while also masking them with pharmaceuticals instead of finding the real cause of the issues 💔
Not all companies care about individuals, most are in business to make profits and if you think I’m wrong then please, go research where these companies are investing their money into. Look into who their lobbyists are and what kind of people they are, what speeches they’re giving, who’s water they’re polluting.

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Maybe see where the revolving doors are within different industries and government…


and follow your own rabbit trail. The hole is deep but don’t be afraid of that darkness because with knowledge you are putting light on what will save you and your family. Knowledge is what will give you the intuition to start looking at the ingredients and knowing what you don’t want in your home.
Buying fair-trade and organic clothing is obviously more expensive, but we don’t go overboard like you would at forever 21… life is about moderation, we don’t need to have dozens of articles of clothing. Invest in good quality and it will last much longer. The same goes for our food, cleaning + beauty + skincare + household items. You and your husband don’t don’t bust your ass everyday at work just to buy products that will poison you. Ya’ll bust your ass everyday to have a life worth living. Your babies need you to make these decisions, your spouse needs you to make these decisions — you are the gatekeeper, mama…


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