Who is liable for Vaccine Injury?

May 14, 2021motherhood, wellness0 comments

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Joe Biden said back in April that gun manufacturers are the ONLY industry that can’t be sued THAT WAS WRONG. While they are covered from certain situations they are not fully protected — but Biden failed to mention another industry that IS 100% liable, in fact when anyone is injured from their products they don’t even go through the normal court system- they have a specialized court for these injuries & what’s even crazier is that it is YOU – the tax payers – who have to payout to the injured not the manufacturer – over 4.5 billion has been paid out by taxpayer money!
Want to know what industry I’m talking about?? The Vaccine Industry
So why isn’t Biden concerned about this? Why is he begging people to get an experimental jab? I say experimental because they are still going through their study trials – have you been paying attention to how their studies have been morphing? Are you aware that main stream media is trying to push this passport agenda on you when the FDA hasn’t even approved these yet?? They are only Emergency Use Authorized – not the same thing as approved.
I will not allow this passport to become the norm. If you want the vaccine because it makes you feel safe then by all means do what you have to do but if you want to force me to get jabbed to make YOU feel safe then that’s where I draw the line! If this conversation makes you uncomfortable because it goes against what you’re being told – then you better take a seat because you have a wave of people standing up to put this to a stop immediately. There will be no coming back from this, it will get worse & worse & look very similar to China’s social credit system! I will not rest until I know for damn sure my children are safe from that dystopian future.
I know that IG & FB will censor the hell out of this post because of keywords I used – so please, if you are on the side of freedom comment with a ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊ to know that I am not alone or share this post!! We need more people to understand this and start asking more questions about the strong hold big pharma has on our government and media!

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