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printable weekly meal planner

Nov 10, 2022Freebies, Home0 comments

Hey Friend,


A mama’s life is busy. No matter if you are immersed in that hustle culture, or trying to achieve the slow living vibe…. no matter which direction you’ve chosen, we can all agree – a mama’s life is busy. Currently, I’ve been reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, and WOW it’s really sparked a fire within me. If you havent already, I highly recommend this read! It’s great.


And if there are mama hacks to make my life easier and give me more free time – I want in on them! && that’s exactly what a meal planner is. Never again will you be staring in your fridge at 5:30 trying to figure out what to feed your family…because you already know!


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ANDDDD if you add in meal prepping it’s even easier because your past self was thinking about wednesday night you and how tired you feel midway through the week. She knows your motivation sometimes goes out the window around this time, but not this week. Because your past self took care of you & loves you.


Planners are my jam & anytime I can create a beautiful rhythm – i now know it will shortly become a habit and habits are what helps to change us for better or for worse. I have allocated sundays to my meal planning & prepping day.


Throughout the week I will save recipes that sound good and compile them into a digital list – if it’s in a magazine or cook book, Ill snap a photo of it. If it’s on pinterest i’ll save the link on this list. Then when sunday rolls around, I will use those recipes for inspiration to create my meal plan and shopping list.

Now if I wanted to make my life even easier, I would have this all ordered online and scheduled for pickup (or if you’re within delivery range, even better). I recently added this step to my to-do list because I want to have the motivation to meal prep when I get home but it’s hard sometimes after shopping because it’s draining — I mean am I the only one who gets exhausted from grocery shopping?? Sounds silly when typing it out, but it’s true. So I want to eliminate that, which should give me even more time 🤌🏼


I notice the weeks that I do put in that extra effort to meal prep, life runs so much smoother. Not only is it easier to pull out the meal and cook it, but since all the prep work was already done, there are less dishes and less mess in my kitchen, which once again…gives me more time. Oh the freedom, can you taste it??


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So because I love you guys & want you to have this freedom as well, I have created a meal planner for you.

If you are not a fan of continually printing out your planner, check out these self adhesive laminated sheets and fine tip dry erase markers. The laminated sheets act as a big sticker basically just peel and stick and bam instant lamination….but assuming quite a few of you out there are homeschooling mamas that have their own laminators 😎

Download your own MEAL PLANNER file here

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Also don’t forget to tag me over on instagram @crescentandsparrow so I can see your menus being put to work && of course for me to snag some recipe inspo ✨🤌🏼🤌🏼 Thank you so much for reading & hope you have an amazing day!

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