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Printable Slow Living Daily Checklist for Mamas (free download)

Apr 19, 2024Freebies, Motherhood0 comments

Hey Friend,

Grab yourself a tasty drink and lets chat – shall we?!

As mamas we’ve come to realize that life has started accelerating at a faster pace as each year goes by. With four daughters and one more baby on the way, I have definitely fall victim to this many times throughout my motherhood journey. That’s why last year I decided to start researching into living a slower paced life. && I have created this simple easy to start checklist for the busy mama who wants to slow things down and enjoy the simple moments in life.

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The magic of slowing down

Adding simple activities throughout your day may seem like the opposite of slowing down however, they are either tasks to help save you time in the long run, or something fulfilling keeping your cup full. Whether it’s immersing yourself in a book each day or honing in on a new craft you’ve always wanted to try but never could “find the time”, allowing yourself to take part in these activities will not only give you joy, but the example you are setting for your children will be tenfold.


I notice the more I sit down to read a book, the more Ava will pick up hers or the younger girls ask me to read to them. The more I am in the kitchen baking, the more opportunities I have to teach my girls the skill of baking or creating giggles in the kitchen while everyone tries to sneak a lick at the spoon. And let me tell you, nothing gives you more pride than when you have created a beautiful article of clothing made by your own hands for one of your littles.


Take time for you, mama.

Most of these activities on this list are specifically for you to enjoy and to fill your cup. Waking up early was the hardest (& still is) for me, but I can not express how rewarding it truly is to start you day off in silence and slowness. Most of the other items on this checklist can be done during this alone time as well. Another one that I found more challenging was the gatherings, but when I made it a priority and added it to my personal monthly checklist I was so so fufilling to sit and chat with friends. As we venture into motherhood, sometimes we find oursevles on an island instead of in the midsts of a village. Don’t allow your self to drift away from community just because you became a mama.

This is just the beginning

There are so many more ways to enjoy a slower life and I hope that that these 12 will help you on your slow motherhood journey. Like I mentioned above, most of these activities are just for you mama, but there are also a few that can be done with your littles to enjoy that time together such as, baking a treat once a week, reading, handcrafting and artwork, going out in nature (bonus points if you have them bring their nature journals). Again these are all bonding opportunities that will create special memories in the years to come.


How to use the slow living checklist printable

  1. Start by printing out the free printable – click the link down below
  2. Frame or hang up somewhere you will see often. (I like to frame because the glass allows me to checkoff and erase each week without having to reprint)
  3. Start off “slow” and focus on the items that will save you time (waking up early, decluttering, meal planning) and add in the items that you feel you can as the month goes on without stressing yourself out. 
  4. Enjoy living a slower paced life within your motherhood journey.

Download your own Slow Living Checklist file here

 Make it a whimsical experience

Once you get the hang of the items on this checklist, be sure that you are adding intention into each item. Opt out of the microwave and premade creamer for you coffee and instead create your own creamer while using a kettle to boil your water. Remember, there is peace in slowness. Braid your hair and add delicate ribbons to match that homemade dress you made. Try to create more beauty in the tasks you do and add some whimsy into the things you make. I hope the memories made during this time will become the foundation of cherished moments you’ll remember for years to come.

So, let’s raise our teacups (or whatever tasty drink you chose) to the slowness of motherhood and the joys that come with it!

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