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4 fall Free People dupes on Amazon

Oct 13, 2022Beauty0 comments

Hey Friend,

If you have been following me for some time, you might have picked up the fact that I may have a slight obsession with free people – I blame the Capricorn placements in me… I mean when you find something you love, why not just buy it in three or four different colors??
However, Free People isn’t always the kindest on my wallet and hardly ever runs sales – that’s why, when I started seeing amazon dupes a few of my insta-friends were posting in their stories I had to check them out && y’all I gotta admit, they are pretty legit!
Now these are not knock offs or fakes or claiming to be free people, they are lookalikes. There are some slight variations but I am only sharing my favorite version and, in my humble opinion, the best lookalikes and feelalikes…yes I am now making up words, let’s just roll with it.


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1. The Dolman

    • Starting with my favorite- She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the dolman….or at least a look alike. You can grab this jacket for less than $70 and still sport that FP look and vibe, in fact you can even buy two and still be cheaper than the original.

2. One Scout

    • Another on of my FP faves is the one scout, I have about two or three different colors and there’s a reason for that…it’s so comfy and I love the way it looks. However, I tried this amazon dupe and it fits almost identical for $100 cheaper!!

3. The Hailee Sweater Set

    • Alright alright, we have all heard of this glorious sweater set for the past few years now. And yes, it’s worth the hype – I have a it in two colors and will be grabbing another color this year….however, I’ll also be snagging another color this dupe has to offer, because it looks & feels just the same with a slight sleeve cuff variation, you’d hardly be able to tell the difference and it’s only $50.

4. The Easy Street Tunic

  • Ok ok ok so this dupe is almost identical, however, the collar is a tiny bit different. However, I noticed that in newer photos it appears to have changed and looks closer to the real deal. I plan on buying another one once it gets a bit more chilly and will report back with an update. Other than that, this sweater gives you all those cozy free people vibes for a quarter of the price.
Well there you have it friends, four amazing free people dupes perfect for this fall/winter season!!  Which one was your favorite and which dupers were you hoping to see on this list??

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