11 Ways To Raise The Vibration in Your Home

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Hi friend,

Think of your home as a sanctuary – not only for yourself, but for your family & anyone else residing there. As the homemakers/gatekeepers, it is our responsibility to keep it an energizing, uplifting, positive, and of course, safe space for all.


I have loosely studied the art of feng shui and have tried my best to incorporate it into our home while being mindful of the fact that I have 3 littles running wild and free throughout. While decorating each room, I try to work with the energy or “chi” as much as possible and enhance the positive vibes where I can.


This energy I speak of is actually a vibration or frequency, such as everything in the universe. The higher the vibration or energy the more “positive” it feels. If we create a space with a high vibrational frequency, then we are essentially creating a spiritual haven for our people to relax, enjoy and possibly even heal and recharge your mind, body, & soul.

1. De-Clutter

Freeing up space and allows your chi to flow through more easily.

A few years ago an awesome book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up became all the rage, and for good reason. This book was eye-opening and really made me think about the spiritual and physical clutter in a person’s home.

I then decided that I would start getting rid of everything that stopped serving me in my home… which was way more than I expected. Every year I hear people say they are spring cleaning, but throughout the rest of the year, they are normally filling their home in exchange for what they got rid of. I personally feel that it’s important to always have a donation box/bag somewhere in your home to intentionally place items that you no longer need or want. This also helps with over consumption as you are reminded more often that these are just things and will not lead to true happiness. Don’t forget to go through your closet and clear out all items that you never wear, or have been telling yourself for well over a year that one day you’ll wear this, trust me it’s hard but it feels so much better once you know your closet is full of items that you can wear at any given moment.


2. Quiet the TVs & Turn Up the Music

There are many reasons why it is wise to remove unnecessary electronics from the home. Having a TV on just for the sake of noise can create negative build up if you are not conscious of what is on. Not to mention many people have multiple TVs which can lead individuals to ostracize themselves from family members just for the sake of having their own channel.

For the longest time we did not own a TV, it was only during the covid lockdowns that we decided to get one.

Do your research and you will find that watching TV can be correlated with depression and stress and those are two things I do not want in my family or home so I try to be mindful of the amount of tv time we take in.

Music can have a totally different affect on the body, however. Music has been around for thousands of years and can create soothing to uplifting environments, help with exercise, learning, and even sleep. I enjoy listening to instrumental music or anything in the 432gHz range, there are times when we like to rock out…but that’s more for road trips or pancake making mornings!

Try to have an instrument in your home (piano, guitar, harp, etc) and invest time in learning how to play. This can become a great outlet for stress and helps to create that soothing environment I mentioned earlier. Don’t forget your singing bowls and bells for meditation and cleansing purposes!


3. Remove the Toxins

If you’re a veteran follower, it may come to you as no surprise about all the toxins that surround us in our homes. From our cleaning and beauty products, to our food supplies… pretty much all commercial products are filled with toxins.

These toxins have negative impacts on our mental and physical wellbeing. Try switching out your products for natural and eco friendly products. Start becoming more aware of the products you buy and place inside your home. Toxins create low energy and can start to build up over time, leaving you and your home with negative vibrations.

Obviously y’all know my love for young living products, but again, YOU are the gatekeeper to your home, so do your research and find what is best for you and your family!


4. Clean Your Home

This should be easy now that you have de-cluttered! When cleaning your home try to make it as much about spiritual cleansing as it is about physically cleansing. Turn your cleaning routine into a cleansing ritual, where each act is spiritually uplifting and inspiring. This attitude towards cleaning has really helped me start feeling like the average house work is less like a chore and more like a ceremony.

With a few simple changes you too can make your house work feel more ceremonial as well.
– When sweeping, image not only sweeping out undesired crumbs, hairs, and god only knows what else that stuff is on the floor…but that you are also sweeping up the negative emotions and energy that have been building up in that room. Try to recall negative emotions that have come up in each room that you sweep and imagine yourself sweeping them away with all the physical mess.
– You can even sweep when there is no mess on the floor, maybe there was a bad argument you got into with your spouse or child, sweep those bad vibes out!!
– When mopping or cleaning walls and windows, try using salt water or water that’s been boiled with special herbs. Feel free to add in some EO to create a stronger and more pleasant smelling cleanser.
– Salt is great for getting rid of negative energy and creating protection in the home.
– There are many herbs that are thought to have specific energies that can help with creating higher vibrational patterns and rid the space of negative emotions, energy, and even spirits.


5. Filling the Home with Happiness

Now that your home has been de-cluttered and cleaned it is a good time to start focusing on the images in your home. Take some time with each framed or canvas picture, quote, or art piece and ask yourself….”does this image bring me joy?” If the answer is no, then remove it and place it in your donation box or repurpose it by painting over it or simply replace the image.

Be sure to have inspiring quotes and art pieces up to help create positive and motivating emotions. I like to replace my photos once or twice a year (unless it’s a meaningful photo) to help surround myself with loving new memories and reminders of the seasons. Life changes so quickly, friends come and go, and keeping those that are still actively in your life in your photos can help to remind you of all that you have to be thankful for…. where as having old photos of those that have walked out or are no longer in your life could bring up negative emotions and regrets. This does not apply to those that have passed on, as it is always important to remember those that were brought into our lives for a valuable amount of time.


6. Adding Plants, Flowers & Nature

Ahh plants, there are many reasons why these guys are great for the home, starting with great air quality, improved concentration and by keeping flowers in your home you are able to reduce stress levels (Source). Allowing nature to flow into your home is a great way to invite positive energy and help to create uplifting and serine moods. Maybe even incorporated a small water fountain for more serenity.

Adding plants and nature features are helpful in Feng Shui as these are aspects of the elements, earth and water. When choosing your plants, be sure to keep in mind the lighting and maintenance required and choose accordingly.

There are a good amount of plants that are chosen for their ability to improve indoor air quality while others are chosen for ascetics. You can even choose plants that are known for spiritual elevation, protection, money and even love.

For children, it’s a great idea to incorporate a Nature Table that changes with the seasons, this give them a sense of exploration, discovery, and enhanced sensory skills.


7. Let the Sun and Fresh Air in

During the day you want to make sure that you have adequate lighting, preferably natural light, so that means – open those blinds and let that sunshine in. The sun is great for raising vibrations and can be very stimulating on the mind, body & soul.

If you want to go a step further, try opening your windows and doors during the day to allow fresh air flow and invite positive and healing energies in while circulating any stagnant energy and even pushing out all those lower vibes. Having that flow of fresh air go through your home daily, can help to create energizing and cleansing energies.

Another great thing to add to your windows are window prisms or sun catchers to help bring in more light and some beautiful rainbows which help to cleanse that stagnant and low energy. We have this rotating prism that a dear friend got Ava and this beautiful chakra colored one as well.


8. Adjust the lighting

As mentioned above, there are many ways that light can help to increase positive energy in a home and having the right type of lighting is key. Start by adding an odd amount of candles in each room to create a calm, relaxing, and even at times, romantic atmosphere. Candles help to increase the vibrations in your home and in your own personal self, choosing colored or scented candles can help to raise specific chakras or vibrations even more so.

Be sure research the candles that you buy to ensure that they are not negatively impacting your air quality or health or better yet, make your own! I personally like to use or make beeswax candles because they are known to help purify the air, plus dipping candles is a fun past time for the girls and I.

Try adding salt lamps (or these light bulbs), rose quartz lamps, or even selenite crystal lamps. These are great for cleaning the air and providing calming energies – plus they are just so beautiful and unique!

Another switch you can make is to replace the lightbulbs in your bedroom and living room with rose colored light bulbs. According to Jagatjoti S. Khalsa, author of Altar Your Space: A Guide to the Restorative Home this is more flattering and soothing than white light and still bright enough for reading.


9. Add Some Crystals

Crystals are not only beautiful to look at but also carry high vibrational frequencies with them. The ancient civilizations believed heavily in the powers crystals provided, from the Greeks who wore amethyst as amulets to the Chinese who used jade in medicines and considered it the most precious of materials.

There are so many crystals to choose from but my favorites and recommended for beginners to start with are :

Amethyst – for protection and serenity
Rose Quartz – for universal love
Clear Quartz – for clarity and purification
Citrine – for happiness and creativity.

You can also follow the Feng Shui techniques by adding the crystals in certain sections of your home to enhance different aspects in your life. Such as rose quartz in the love and marriage direction (will be different depending on which Feng Shui approach you are using) or bedroom.

Crystals are so much fun to keep in your home and if you’re more on the spiritual side, crystals are a great tool to work with, as long as you take care of them by recharging them often and smudging or cleansing them when needed. Be sure to buy your crystals from reputable sources, I love Wild Alabaster her shop is filled with beautiful crystals.

10. Incense and Diffusers

I have an obsession with herbs and everything that they can do for us. By using diffusers in your home, you’re able to choose from a variety of essential oils to help improve mood, clean the air, or create a calming relaxing atmosphere… like around bed time for your children! If you don’t have a diffuser you can always make your own room sprays, but I would highly recommend investing in at least one diffuser for your home (with the goal of having one in each room one day lolol… trust me they can be addictive).

Incense sticks and cones are another great feature to add to your home. As these are more ceremonial than the diffusers and some can be considered sacred. I have an incenses holders in my yoga space, alter, and plan on bringing one downstairs in the living room area.

11. Smudging

As someone who is very proud of her native American heritage, I really connected with the concept of smudging! I wrote a series on How to Smudge Your Home, Self, and the history on my old blog a few years ago and intend on transferring it over to this blog in the near future.

Smudging is a ritual or ceremony that is done by burning specific herbs to rid of negativity and undesirables in an item, person, or space.

Sage is the most common herb for smudging, with good reason as it is one of the most cleansing and vibration raising tools available to us on this beautiful planet.

Please remember, that smudging is a ceremony – treat it with a sacred care and positive intentions.

If you enjoyed this list, let me know in the comments below & I’ll be sure to produce more content like this. Thank you for reading & I hope that you are able to get your home more and more like a sanctuary as the year progresses.

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