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Hi friend,

So you just got your Premium Starter Kit in the mail, or are expecting it soon and have come to the realization that you have no idea what to do once you get it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact there are quite a few new members that have bought their kits and NEVER even open them!! Please don’t let that be you!

You invested in this wonderful starter package in hopes to make a change for you and your family, so lets get you started on that journey towards wellness. Below I have listed out just  o n e  way to use an item from your starter kit a day, for 10 consecutive days. I challenge you to take the next ten days to get to know your starter kit.

Day 1: sleep well

  • Fill your diffuser to the line with water and add 3-5 drops each of lavender and peace and calming during your night time routine for a calming night.

Day 2: happy spray

  • Fill a spray bottle with  1/4 of witch hazel. Add 15 drops citrus fresh- top off with distilled water. Spray on linens, clothing, pillows, etc.

Day 3: get hydrated

  • Add 1-2 drops of lemon to at least 12oz of water. Shake well and enjoy. Be sure to use a glass container (or stainless steel ???) lemon helps your body flush out toxins.

Day 4: wake up call

  • Fill your diffuser to the line with water and add 3-5 drops each of lemon + peppermint to get up and at em in the morning!

Day 5 : catch some zzzz’s

  • Put a few drops of lavender into your hands rub your palms together, and rub your hands on your pillow and the back of your neck.

Day 6: fresh start

  • Fill a roller bottle halfway with witch hazel. Add 5 drops each of frankincense and lavender and 3 drops of lemon. Wash your face with a warm washcloth. Shake your roll and apply lightly to your face. Breathe deep for added benefits!

Day 7: bye bye sore muscles

  • Mix a few drops of panaway with a carrier oil and rub onto sore spots (back, neck, shoulders, etc).

Day 8: freshen up

  • Add 3. Drops of citrus fresh to a cotton ball and place in your vacuum bag to purify the air as you clean.

Day 9: 3 minute facial

  • Mix 2 drops each of lemon, lavender, and frankincense with 1 tsp of jojoba oil. Apply to freshly washed face. Let soak for 2 mins and then wipe clean.

Day 10: find your bravery

  • Add 2 drops of valor to your palms. Rub your hands together, inhale and rub your hands on your neck and chest. Don’t forget to breathe deep!

Did you notice all the wonderful ways you can implement oils into your daily routine? If you liked something you did the day before, be sure to do it again….your body likes it for a reason, because IT WORKS!

If you are questioning where to find roller and spray bottles, your local health food store should have some amber glass ones available, but if not check out this starter set off amazon, I am pretty sure I have about 4 of these sets in my home haha!

Once you finished your ten days be sure to come back and let me know what your favorite day was and how this list was able to help you on your journey into the oily world!

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