Family Portraits in Castroville

We recently had our first official family photo shoot a few weeks ago and boy was that an eye opener for all the mothers out there trying to get some photos taken of multiple children!

Luckily the candid lifestyle photography is super in and allowing Ava and Luna to just do their own thing while I awkwardly followed behind them actually turned out to be super adorable as well as stunning! Our photographer, Courtney is an old friend all the way back from middle school, that just so happened to also move all the way out to San Antonio from Dallas!

She picked an awesome location in this super cute town, that I totally plan on revisiting just to take pictures of the town itself! The moment we got out of the car and started looking around at the park, I was immediately mesmerized by the Spanish moss hanging from these historic looking trees, it was like I was in a fairy tale! 

I am still in awe by these photos and am so so grateful that we were able to have them taken! I will cherish them for a very long time. 

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