DIY mermaid hair spray

“Girl your hair is SO long!” This is something I hear at least once a week – and its usually at the grocery store because that’s basically the only place I travel to!!

Want to know my secret?? I hardly wash it + I am constantly dousing it in oils! Yup, I only wash my hair about once or twice a month and let my scalp do what it’s meant to do!! Society has grown accustom to washing ourselves on the daily and to that I say, “No WAY!” This hippie mama likes her dirt and naturally occurring oils….can you imagine putting that many chemicals on you

But more on that in another post, today I want to keep it light and simple! One thing I love to do a few days a week (if not every day) is to spray my hair with a mixture of oils to help strengthen and lengthen my hair! This recipe is super quick and the results are amazing, plus you smell like a dream throughout the day!!

What you’ll need ::
2-3 oz glass spray bottle
• YL rosemary EO
• YL cedarwood EO
• YL lavender EO
• Unscented witch hazel – non alcohol


What to do ::

 1. First add about 20-30 drops of each EO (depending on the size of your bottle choice)

2. Next fill about 1/4 of the bottle with witch hazel + then fill the rest up with water

3. Shake to mix + spray into hair!! 


There you have it, friends! Mermaid hair spray!!! I hope you enjoyed this fun little recipe, be sure to check back later for more ways to use your oils! 

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