Beginners Guide into our Root Chakra

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Lately I can feel that quite a few of my chakras are closed/blocked/unbalanced or whatever other term you would like to use here, frankly my chakras are a hot mess. But I am eager to become more in-tune with them once again, you know before the chaos that my 3 little souls (aka kids) brought into my life. I want to ride the waves not drowned in them… so I would like to share with you a little bit about each chakra in the next few months and hopefully give you a better understanding of what they are, how they can effect our bodies, and things we can do to help open them.


Let’s talk a little bit about our root chakra today.

Our Root Chakra Root chakra (Muladhara)is located at the base of our spine & is the first of the 7 major energy centers or chakras. This is can be associated with the color red, although some images have been known to have yellow along with it. The root chakra is our instinctual chakra, our fight or flight response. Where our survival needs as well as our connection to this beautiful earth come from, which is why this chakra is linked to the earth element.

Having an open root chakra is known to help increase our basic survival needs and security, making us feel safe and even fearless. However if this chakra is closed or blocked it can lead to worried or anxious feelings & fear as well as low self-esteem, jealousy, greed, and aggressiveness. Mental & physical health can also be affected by the state of your chakra.

Yoga + Root Chakra

Practicing yoga or any physical sport as well as walking barefoot on grass or earth (also known as earthing) can greatly improve your health as well as open up your root chakra. Tree Pose is a great pose for opening the Root Chakra as it is focusing on your balance by grounding yourself into the earth as well as stretching your body towards the sun or sky (typically about 30 seconds to a minute on each leg). If you have difficulties balancing in tree pose, you can always stand near a wall or lower your leg for help. Once you have started to master balancing on your own start to extend your grounded toes, open your chest while also bringing your shoulder blades together…this will help you breath better as well as stretching you more.


Crystals + Root Chakra

Everything in existence is some form of energy, crystals are no exception. In fact, their energy can be used in many powerful ways, but let’s just stick to helping us open our Root Chakras for today. You can meditate while laying down with these crystals on your energy center or you can keep them close by (like in your home or on your body) to feel the effects of these balancing beauties. Here are three of my favorite crystals I’ll be using while balancing out my Root Chakra:

Obsidian : This volcanic beauty is a protective stone which is known to absorb negative energy. This stone teaches us that traumas from our past can and must be overcome in order for us to move on and become stronger, the fire can become something beautiful one day.

Hematite : An incredibly grounding stone, helps to eliminate negative energy from just touching your body, great stone to wear throughout your day. This stone is great for endowing courage, strength, and enhancing survival abilities. Also a stone that helps to conquer your past traumas.

Smoky Quartz : This is an extremely grounding stone, while helping us to overcome feelings of anger, depression, fear, and jealousy. This stone is also known to help release past traumas which is also related to our root chakra


Essential Oils + Root Chakra

Again, talking about energy, Essential Oils are right up there with ways to increase your frequency. When the human body is healthy our frequency ranges around 62-72 MHz. When we are filled with negative emotions, not only does it lower our frequency, but it alters our health as well. By incorporating essential oils into our daily lives, we are allowing our frequency to vibrate at higher hertz thus in turn, allowing us to live better, more happier lives.

I love dropping oils onto the crown of my head as well as into my palms and breathing in 3 deep breaths of an oil when working on balancing my chakras. Although relaxing in the bath with the diffuser going or dropping a few oils into my bath are also great ways to incorporate them into your healing journey. Here are a few oils I recommend for opening your root chakra.

Sacred Mountain : Friends, let me just tell you, this blend is one of my favorite oils to use. This oil helps to instill feelings of security as well as protection while also giving us a deeper connection to our earth by grounding us in sacred space.

Frankincense : A wonderful grounding oil that can help calm the nerves and provides a tranquil environment for you to mediate in. A great oil that connects us to our surroundings.

Patchouli : As you can tell I am choosing all the grounding oils for this chakra and patchouli is another great choice for just that. This oil is one that stimulates self-confidence and balance.


Music + Root Chakra

The solfeggio frequency 396Hz is the frequency of letting go and releasing fear and guilt or shame and is ideal for healing the root chakra.. This frequency can dwindle emotional as well as energetic blockages and feelings of being “stuck” in your current situation.

Now I am still learning about sound therapy but upon reading more about root chakra sound healing if 396Hz is combined with the alpha binaural beat of 7.83Hz, Schumann, you are expected to experience a reduction of stress and have the potential to tap into a lucid mental state allowing your unconscious to connect with your conscious mind.

Our voice is one of the most powerful musical instraments because we have intention connected with it. Chanting is also a great way to open our chakras, LAM is associated with the root chakra.


Affirmations + Root Chakra

Daily affirmations are powerful tools when wanting to rewire your brain. Think of our brains having trenches, the more you dig in one spot, the deeper it gets. Well, our brains will literally reprogram themselves when we begin focusing on something daily, we are literally manifesting it into existence… so you can choose to make that a negative or positive thing. “I am” is a great way to begin a root chakra affirmation, focus on how you are grounded and safe;

I am safe

I am grounded

I am at peace

I am abundant

I am healthy

I am financially secure

I am trusting in my journey

I am fearless

I am worthy 

Red + Root Chakra

The root chakra is associated to the color red. Eating red foods such as red bell pepper, raspberries, tomatoes, beets, strawberries, cherries, pomegranates, or drinking Ningxia red can help your physical body unblock negative energy as well as creating a healthy immune system. Wearing red is a great way to energize your root chakra.


 • • •


All in all this energy center is all about us grounding ourselves to our precious mother, Earth. The deeper the connection we feel with her, the more potential we have  in all things related to our root chakra. Being a capricorn, I feel a deeper connection to this element than the others and am constantly barefoot!

I hope you found this post useful, is your root chakra blocked or are you rocking that area of your life? If you are, I would love to know how you keep your root chakra balanced. For me, personally, I can feel that this chakra has been blocked for a while now. I intend to really focus on opening this energy center and allowing prana to flow freely through by following my advice above… again, having three kids can quickly knock you off your ladder towards your “higher self” but I hope that my girls can watch me climbing back up again and inspire them to get in tuned with their energy centers as well.

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